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Location: Encinitas, CA

Size: 4,716 S.F.

This project has quite the story to tell. Located on Neptune Avenue in Encinitas CA, the site is directly across the street from the coastal bluff and stunning multi-million dollar beachfront homes. However, the existing building was severely out of place to its surroundings. When the owner purchased the property 2 years ago the building was functioning as a drug rehab facility and was home to 16 recovering drug addicts. Not only was the buildings use questionable, so was the building itself. Numerous (and substantial) code and zoning violations made the building very unsafe for the current occupants. There was even an entire gable roof complete with roof shingles and vents sandwiched between the first and second floor (In the 1980’s a second story was added, and the builders at the time left the roof on and built right on top of it). This created dangerous hinge conditions around the entire second floor which are very weak in earthquakes. It’s amazing it was still standing. In whole, the property was a mess. The neighbors were tired of the situation and so was the City.

Because of all the issues, our client was able to get a great deal and buy the property at a discount compared to the neighborhood. The plan was to convert a 16 person halfway house into a luxury single family residence as an investment to sell. The new owner hired BGI Architecture and wanted a modern style building that would bring new life to the property. The entire building was stripped to the studs and all the structural issues were corrected. Design wise, the main focus was the front façade and main entry because it was the primary access and viewing point for the property. Because the original building was essentially a big flat faced rectangle, the challenge was to break up the façade and create visual interest and movement. Amazingly, the new façade is entirely within the existing buildings envelope.

In addition to the new façade, the rest of the building was cleaned up and all interior finishes were upgraded. The great room was also opened up to a 2 story, 22’ high, ceiling which creates a very dramatic entry experience. The new home is 4,716 S.F. and includes a 3rd story basement with game room and home gym, 3 story elevator, 5 bedrooms and large outdoor entertaining terraces. This project has had quite the transformation, and now fits in with the rest of the neighborhood. We are proud to have the BGI Architecture name behind it!

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